PDC 2019 Speaker: Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein will present "Overcoming Perceptions: The Need for the Strategic Project Manager" at PDC 2019: Convergence.

About the Presentation

Dissecting the role of the modern Manager and Leader. Why Leaders need strategically aware managers. How project managers can contribute to strategic success.

Jeffrey Epstein

Senior Consultant, Boxer Advisors

Jeffrey Epstein is a senior consultant, trainer and coach who works with organizations to find innovative ways to improve overall operations and effectiveness through developing their most important resource: Their people.

With his entrepreneurial spirit, he has found that great organizations do not just happen. Success is directly linked to the ability to inspire, motivate, and develop Management Teams where clarity of mission is combined with empowerment and accountability as core principles.

He has helped clients:

  • Establish and re-establish strategic goals and objectives with an emphasis on profitability;

  • Provide Team-building training focused on understanding revenue and cost management and effective action-based decision making;

  • Develop and deliver effective coaching, mentoring and training focused on key management skills necessary for achieving success.

  • Better understand their customers and create innovative way to exceed expectations.

After a successful career in offline print and digital marketing led media businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom, in 2012 Jeffrey was asked to join INSTIGATE (instigate.org.uk) a leading hospitality and restaurant management consultancy with an emphasis on turning around troubled businesses. In every assignment, there was an immediate improvement in management engagement, understanding which led to real cost reduction, improvement in sales and overall improvement in net operating profit.

In 2016, Jeffrey returned to the US and joined Boxer Advisors where he has the great pleasure to work with an array of US Government agencies and departments from the Department of Defense to Health and Human Services, as well as private companies. In these varied engagements, Jeffrey’s brings a dynamic and unique approach to helping government employees develop soft-management and leadership skills.

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